Guilty… of White Privilege

Right before the pandemic began to shut down the world, my husband and I traveled to the UK and France.  Before we left, we were warned that people in France can have a racist mentality and to be prepared.  We genuinely had an incredible time in both countries, except for one experience. We were travelingContinue reading “Guilty… of White Privilege”

Dear Eliza

Recently, I read a news article about Robert Kraft’s charges upgrading from a misdemeanor to a felony due to purchasing “prostitutes” on multiple days versus one day.  The story itself made me sick, but what broke my heart were the comments following.  The amount of people who were defending his actions and were upset thatContinue reading “Dear Eliza”

Time Heals

No amount of experiences you hear about, read about, talk about can prepare you for what to expect when you go through a miscarriage.  As women, we keep it quiet.  We swallow the pain, the loss and move forward because we’re resilient, because people depend on us, because we have one million responsibilities.  We don’t have timeContinue reading “Time Heals”